Stillsuit Sniper

An original concept art loosely inspired by the world of the DUNE novels, and also the art direction of Bungie. Here is a little step by step so you can see my work process for paintings like these.

Yanni davros stillsuit sniper final

Step 4. Massive jump here. For giving it that traditional oils look, I use a lot of custom brushes I've made or collected over the years, but I probably only use about 5-8 of them 90 percent of the time.

Yanni davros d hunter frame 3 copy

Step 3. For those of you familiar with traditional comic book coloring methods, this is called "flatting", where you figure out the color palate without any thought towards light and shadow just yet. That comes later.

Yanni davros d hunter frame 2

Step 2. Probably my favorite step. This is where I actually figure out the construction of the costume and the details that will really give her some personality. Again, this step takes quite a while, and I will usually redraw certain sections.

Yanni davros d hunter frame 1

Step One. I loosely block in the anatomy. I spend a lot of time with this step because if you get anything wrong here, it's very difficult to fix later on. I use blue still, even though I'm on a wacom cintiq, it's an old habit from my traditional art days